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stefano carlo scaglioni
Best solution, better than bloc lynx + xfog

Had the chance to use my airaiders for the first time today, its was a hot sunny day with no wind and was running it on stealth mode, i can say i have have not had any fogging issues even when in a static deffensive possition under a bush where any other combination i have will fog up, this is coming from someone that uses iforce + xfog and bloc lynx + xfog i will still get them to fog comming from running around to a a compleat static but the airaiders did not fog up at all and i did not even have to use any of the 3 fan setting only the stealth mode, another thing i notice is how quiet they are, i use msa sordins and they ussaly pick up the xfog noise and penalizes my hearing while the airaiders dont make anynoise at all in stealth mode my msa sordins in full amplification mode will not pick up any noise at all compared to the xfog

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David C
Stops fog... until it doesn't.

Tried them. Worked great to stop fog until I put my balaclava with wire mesh mouthguard on. It's a thin material designed to breathe. Didn't stop them from fogging immediately, on max fan.

Could have been the humidity of the day. I don't doubt that they'll perform better in different conditions. Also, for how fancy the box they come in is, they don't come with any bag or cover to carry them in without scratching. I guess I could just bring the whole box with me but still.

I'd still recommend them though, because fogging in airsoft is an act of God that no technology can completely prevent. They work decently and I'm truly glad they exist.

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Nicolas Poirier Arsenault
See my full review on youtube!

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Tactikool Hyon

Don't be left in the fog, Don't be that guy. Be the guy WITHOUT FOG own the field, keep it moving over your opponents. It's not perfect it's gen 1,better than anything else currently out. I definitely recommend buy it before they sellout because once you see them you gonna want one.

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Good but not perfect.

They work in that they stop fog but there are several flaws.

1- they are alot bigger and chunkier than expected especially around the temple area.
2- they don't fit under a helmet comfortably (for me anyway) so if you wear a helmet they may not be for you.
3- If you wear anything over your ears (comms, balaclava, snood) the noise is unbearably loud on any setting above the minimum as the fan is right near your ears and the noise is amplified.
4- The glasses cannot be closed, they are a fixed unit so keeping them in good condition whilst transporting to and from game days is going to be difficult without a case big enough to fit them inn.

Overall a good concept but in reality they are no better than fan goggles. If you are 100% set on glasses and can overlook the above then worth buying.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We apologize for any inconveniences you may have encountered. We have taken note of your concerns. Regarding the noise levels with comms, this is noted as the first description in the storefront to address this. We want to ensure all customers are aware of both pros and cons with 100% transparency.

Regarding the rear temples, unfortunately, the design and internal components prevent them from folding. We understand your concerns and assure you that we are taking them into consideration. However, we believe that the Air Raiders offer several advantages over fan goggles. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with how easy it is to aim down sights with the Air Raiders compared to the bulkiness of fan goggles for just a single example.

Once again, thank you so much! Your purchase plays a crucial role in supporting our ongoing efforts.