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Jehdo S
Best Quality of Life Upgrade So Far

Hands down, best solution to foggy goggles/glasses. Ive tried external units that worked but were cumbersome and required custom solutions that didnt feel right. These are extremely silent and provide the perfect amount of airflow. It recently was high humidity here and 97F out and at max settings i never had any fogging up. I never ran out of battery because i kept the fans off until they started to fog and then clicked it on rather than keep it on continuously. This way i was able to keep using them for the whole day without having to charge them.

If i had to nitpick then my only issue is i would prever an elastic band all round rather than the fixed arms on the glasses.

The elastic arms that it comes with are pretty annoying to put on if the glasses are already on your head while wearing gloves.


Good quality do the job

Shane mccabe
Great product

I bought a pair to play at 6 flags in new orleans 2 weeks ago. It was almost 100 degrees and 60% humidity. They did not fog even once. I also only had them on the low setting. Imo this is the only way to have no fog aside from a paintball mask. If you are on the fence about this product just pull the trigger and buy them. You will not regret it


Absolutely awesome. Real game changer for these hot airsoft days

Trigger Warning Airsoft
****brilliant bit of kit****

I've been waiting years for a product to be made like these, the air raiders are perfect, I wear a ghillie suit while playing airsoft, and steaming up is definitely a factor, but not with these glasses, no FOG what so ever while wearing them, they are light weight, fans are very quiet, and last the full day on the field. Brilliant bit of kit, love em..