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Darryle Klaot-Guidry
Works perfectly!

I’m a refrigeration mechanic and can go from a -20 degree walk in freezer to a 95 degree warehouse in an instant. These are the only safety glasses I’ve used that do not fog up! Highly recommend these!

Jordan Vano
Quality Product/Get what you pay for

I backed this product when it was on kickstarter 2 years ago. Let me preface anything after this with, it was worth the wait.
Air Raiders are just what I was looking for, a better alternative to bulky goggles. Don't get me wrong, the exfog system is the mainstream option, but these are so much better. Quiet, not bulky, and for a glasses option with antifogging capability, they are 10/10. If you are having fog issues, and you don't like bulky goggles, go with these, I would buy another pair instantly if I needed to, but these work as designed and they're well worth the price point.

No fog issues
Smaller then most bulky goggle options
Feel safe while wearing them (been shot in the face multiple times already)
Easy to use
They charge quite fast
They're quiet, fan is not loud at all.
They come with plugs for all different outlet options

Price (like I said it's worth it though)
I wish they folded for easier storage

If you want a new pair of goggles for airsoft, pick up a pair of these, you'll love them.

Work exactly as promised

I've had no end of issues trying to find decent anti-fog options and everything I've used before has been either useless or so temporary as to be functionally useless.

Not these. They do what I needed, tested them under some very trying parameters: hot and humid tunnel fighting. Aside from one brief moment that was resolved by upping from level 2 to 4, didn't fog at all. And even then, it cleared almost instantly after upping the level.

Are they cheap? No. Are they good value for money? Definitely.

Tim Brown
Floorless - finally no more fogging....

Wow the wait was worth it.

Use them right they work 100%

We tested these for the weekend event so had on over 8 hours a day they wad floorless and very impressed.

Easy fast charging
Easy switch on and off with 4 setting use the setting as the days change.
We had rain all day ,it was warm in part of the day it was windy it was humidity in swap areas of the site and zero problems all day.
The setting really help to stop fogging and you can help keep the power saving by turning up and down it was easy enough.
Great with the strap so they don't full of your head.

Can Easy run on 4th setting with a small battery charger if you Need maxs power All day

My 3 worry was!
+ Using a face mask - no issues
+ Wearing a hat all day- no issues
+ I where contact lenses and my eyes would dry out!
8 hours later my eyes was great with zero affects of dry eyes. Over both days
End of the day I had nothing to worry about!

Yes there cost more but your paying for being able to see and not stopping every second to wipe your glasses it's worth every penny for sure.

Don't delay buy today thanks for sorting a on going probelm out!


Awesome product