Frequently Asked Questions

Can Communication Headsets be Used with the Air Raiders?

If you wear communication headsets or ear protection: While Air Raiders are designed to operate quietly, it's essential to note that using them in conjunction with communication headsets or ear protection may result in increased noise for the wearer. The enclosure created around the ear by the headsets can amplify sound, affecting the overall noise level experienced.

Additionally, please be aware that Air Raiders frames are thicker than typical safety glasses, which may affect how the ear protection headsets sit against your head. The impact of this will vary based on individual factors.

If you have any questions or concerns about the compatibility of Air Raiders with your communication headsets or ear protection, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you and ensure your optimal experience with our product.

How do I get Prescription Lenses for the Air Raiders?

The Air Raiders are designed to be compatible with prescription lenses, offering you the flexibility to customize your eyepro to suit your needs. While we do not sell prescription lenses ourselves, we have partnered with, a trusted provider of high-quality prescription lenses, to offer you a hassle-free experience.

Our partner only ships to the United States and Canada. *** For UK/EU, please contact us ***

We are actively seeking a reliable prescription lens supplier for the UK and EU markets. Meanwhile, you can still have prescription lenses installed by the optician of your choice. However, please exercise caution when using lenses not manufactured or sold by Trittech.

Please visit Prescription Lens Information to learn more.

Does Trittech Sell Prescription Lenses?

No, Trittech does not sell prescription lenses as part of our product offerings. This is an entirely separate purchase.

However, we are here to assist you and provide a discount code that can be used with one of our trusted partners.

For more information regarding prescription lenses, please visit our 'Prescription Lens Information' page.

Are the Air Raider Lenses Impact Rated?

Each of our replacement lenses undergoes rigorous testing to ensure they provide the necessary impact protection.

Air Raiders replacement lenses not only meet but exceed the stringent safety standards set by ANSI Z87+ and EN12312-1, guaranteeing that your eyes remain shielded from potential hazards.

Do the Air Raiders Dry Your Eyes Out?

Air Raiders project air onto the interior lenses, creating a gentle breeze around your eyes. This airflow can contribute to a reduction in facial sweating.

Do you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts? Rest assured, we have extensively tested Air Raiders on individuals with these conditions. To date, none of our testers have reported experiencing dry eyes.

Do the Air Raider's Frame Fold?

Unfortunately, the design and internal components prevent them from folding at this time.

How to Remove the Lenses?

Air Raiders lenses are very tight and secure for your safety. Please see the video below to properly replace the lenses.

Air Raiders Lens Replacement Tutorial

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How to Pronounce Trittech?

Tritt - Tech
/ˈtrɪt tɛk/

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