Air Raiders

Final Air Raiders Sample

Final Air Raiders Sample

Good news!

We have finished the final sample after our improvements and minor fixes were made.  We are currently waiting to receive the samples back from our manufacturers for review.  

What else we are doing:
  • Testing the impact resistance of the sample frames and lenses to get an idea of how they will perform during the ANSI testing. Final testing will be completed after we have the finished product in-hand. The current samples are not made from TR-90 material. We are also required to perform the ANSI, EN, and MIL-PRF in batch tests.
  • Working with artists to create packaging box graphics.
  • Working on the packaging layout.
  • Finalizing the owner / user manual.
and more...

Please stay tuned for more updates!

Here are the REAL photos (not renders) of the final Air Raider samples. 

Air Raiders Drop Ball Test

NOTE: This testing is only to give us an idea of how Air Raiders will perform. This test alone will not take place of the vigorous testing required by ANSI Z87+, EN, and MIL-PRF standards.

Watch Here:

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