New Air Raiders Dev Updates

New Air Raiders Dev Updates

We are moving the Air Raiders development updates to blog posts.  Here is a copy of all the previous updates.


Great news!

The Air Raiders design is now 100% complete! Unfortunately, the design process took longer than expected, but we believe you will be very happy with the major improvements we have made during this time!  

To list a few: 
  • Better overall fitment.   
  • Improved power / mode switch button. It’s now much easier to feel (especially while wearing gloves)  
  • Improved ventilation of the full seal gasket by adding additional vents through the top portion. This is to allow heat to escape up through the top all while maintaining a safe and full seal to the face.   
  • Improved air flow velocity and direction onto lenses.  
And more!  

Going forward...

We will soon have our final samples in-hand and ready to be tested. After testing is completed, production begins! Once testing is finished and everything has been signed off on, we will post an update with a new and accurate expected shipping date. Thank you for your support and patience! We will continue to work diligently to ensure your Air Raiders are made to the highest quality and shipped in a timely manner. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out as we will be more than happy to assist.  


We know that our customers are anxious to receive the Air Raiders and we excited for you all to try them! We know that you'll love them.

Unfortunately, due to multiple time constraints and unforeseen delays, Air Raiders will not be ready to deliver by the end of March like we had originally planned, but don't worry, we will be announcing a final delivery date very soon! Stay tuned!

In case you are wondering what happened:

After testing the T-1 Air Raiders samples that we received from the factory, we couldn't have been more pleased with the results. However, there was a small issue... We received feedback from multiple testers and found that the only complaints were from the tightness of the frames on the wearers head. Since we don't want to send a product that is uncomfortable to wear due to the tightness of the frames to our customers, we decided to take the time to widen the frames and make a few other minor changes to help provide a more comfortable / universal fit. Unfortunately, all of this came with an unexpected delay. We had delays with the manufacturer that set us back quite some time. Thankfully, we have just finalized the frame adjustment and are awaiting the final samples to be tested and approved before production.  

We promise to do absolutely everything we can to finish them and get them in our customers hands as quickly as possible. 

Regarding the additional time we need:

We believe that it will only take a few more months at most but are not yet prepared to give a final delivery time at this moment. We want to be 100% sure we are giving an accurate date when we announce the Air Raiders’ final delivery date.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at any time.



The pre-production samples have finally arrived! Before putting the samples through vigorous testing, here are a few of our first impressions:

1. Airflow is as expected and the upgraded vent system performs great.

2. Lens grooves are deep and allow for a very secure installation of the lenses.

3. The fan vibration has been greatly reduced thanks to the more high-quality materials of these samples versus our previous prototypes.

4. There are a few minor revisions needed regarding the aesthetics and fitment, which will all be easy to fix. While these revisions do not affect the functionality, we are dedicated to take the extra steps and spend the extra money in order to make sure we release a product you will love.

We are finishing off the weekend with some field tests! Thank you for you continued support. We will follow up this update with a post-testing update soon! Stay tuned!


Air Raiders with removable full seal gasket installed.

Final production screws will be black.







Great news! Our first pre-T1 Air Raiders sample is on the way to us for testing.

Pre-T1 Air Raiders Sample

Some insight on what's next:

  • Receive and review samples.
  • Confirm samples or make minor adjustments if needed.
  • Finish production tooling.
  • Move into production of the first batch.



Air Raiders just got smarter!

Added battery check mode:

When the system is turned off, the LED will indicate the approximate state of charge when the button is held. Press and hold the button for at least 0.5s and the LED will light up while the button is pressed to indicate charge status. This can be helpful if the user is unsure of how much battery life is left when away from a charger or out in the field. A summary of the different colors and what they represent can be seen below:

  • GREEN >50%
  • ORANGE 20-50%
  • RED 10-20%
Added additional layer of charging safety:
If the temperature of the battery is below 0C or above 45C, the system will not charge and the LED will flash orange. Once the battery warms or cools to an acceptable level, the system will start charging. Note that the system will charge slower if the temperature is above 0C but below 8C. The LED will be flashing orange if the temperature is <0C or >45C.


Introducing the new and improved Air Raiders redesign...

We have been working very hard to design the Air Raiders for maximum performance and durability all while maintaining a low profile and lightweight frame.

Here's what changed:

  • Design of the all new removable and replaceable full seal gasket. 
  • Total frame redesign for enhanced comfort and overall aesthetics.
  •  Increased overall lens size for better field of view.
  • T-Peg attachment for our new elastic retention strap.

All revisions to the frames and lenses are now in accordance with ANSI and ASTM standards (testing currently pending)

Additional Information:

  • Ordered final printed circuit boards for testing (should arrive in 2-3 weeks)
  • Ordered final lens samples for testing (should arrive in 1-2 weeks)

Ongoing testing of pre-production samples before moving into full production. We are currently still on schedule but have experienced a few delays in regard to receiving our pre-production samples as these things are out of our control. As of now, this has not yet affected our delivery estimation we provided to our customers.


Air Raiders package contents. (You will receive the correct charging adapter based on your location)

Frame edge smoothing will be applied upon start of final production. This will further increase the overall aesthetics.

Frame edge smoothing will be applied upon start of final production. This will further increase the overall aesthetics.

Frame edge smoothing will be applied upon start of final production. This will further increase the overall aesthetics.


Get ready! The Air Raiders redesign update is coming soon. Check out a sneak peek of the new design below.

We are working as hard and as fast as possible and want to thank everyone for your continued patience. 

The model shown does not feature smoothed / rounded edges. The final product will have smooth edges for improved aesthetics and comfort.

The model shown does not feature smoothed / rounded edges. The final product will have smooth edges for improved aesthetics and comfort.


Great news! We have finally received our final merchandise and accessories. This took longer than expected due to a few revisions needed because we wanted to ensure that you are getting the highest quality products!

Here are a few things that you can expect to receive in your Air Raiders package

Air Raiders Package - ships with (1) charger depending on customer location.

Stay tuned! Air Raiders Update #5 will have images and specifications of our new and improved Air Raiders frames.


Microfiber cloth with embossed logo.

Rubber Trittech Patch

Replacement Charger - ships with (1) charger depending on customer location.

Elastic Retention Strap



As always, Trittech wants to thank everyone for your patience and support!
We have been working to optimize the electronics and wanted to share with you a few details regarding how the Air Raiders electronics will operate.

Air Raiders Electrical Specifications

3.1 Software
The system will have one button that controls the operation of the connected fans. The operation will change based on how the button was pressed. A short press (<0.5s) and release will turn on the fans. The fan speed can be adjusted by short pressing the button with the fan on. A long press (>0.5s) will turn the fans off. The system will remember the last speed setting chosen and return to that speed when turned on.
3.2.1 Charging
When charging and off, the color of the LED will indicate the charging status. The LED will fade in and out slowly while charging, and the color will indicate the approximate charge level. While the battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge, 80% will be available after about 1 hour of charging. Li-ion batteries charge slower as they approach full charge, so it can be helpful to the user if they know that the system is almost done (especially if they are in a hurry). When the system is fully charged, the LED will change to a solid green color. The charge circuit is no longer charging the battery when full and the battery has to power the indicator light. Because of this, the LED indicator will turn off after being fully charged for 1 hour to preserve the state of charge. The battery will not be harmed if the device is plugged in continuously. If charging and turned on, the led will not indicate charge status to avoid visual distractions while wearing the device.
3.2.2 Fan Mode
When the system is turned on, the green led will blink a number of times to show the current mode. One blink is low, two blinks is medium, and three blinks is high speed. If the system is on and the battery state of charge is low, the red LED will flash occasionally. If the battery is too low to turn on, the red LED will flash five (5) times when the button is pressed.
A summary of the different colors and what they represent can be seen below:
  • RED (flash) = LOW BATT (10%)
  • RED (x5) = DEAD
  • GREEN (1x) = LOW SPEED
  • GREEN (2x) = MED SPEED
*To preserve battery life, the Green LED will turn off after being fully charged for 1 hour.
5.0 Environmental
Storage Temperature: -10°C to +60 °C
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 45°C

Product Announcement:

Elastic Retention Strap - Ensure a secure and comfortable fit with our adjustable elastic retention strap with clip attachment. 
This is the newly decided lanyard/strap that will replace the Trittech Lanyard as shown previously. 

Stay tuned for more updates! Our next update will have images and specifications of our new and improved Air Raiders frames.




We have been working nonstop on improving the small design details, ensuring proper fitment, and working on ways to make Air Raiders more user friendly! Here are a few things we have done since the last update:

  • Added LED light to show charging status and operation mode. The LED light will flash (x) number of times to show what mode is currently activated. This was added because the fans are so quiet, it is hard to tell what mode you are running. This will provide visual feedback to the user to help avoid confusion.
  • Optimized PWM, wire thickness, and circuitry to reduce the current draw from the battery. As of now, our current battery life on low mode is ~9 hours!
  • Improved curvature of the frames to ensure a proper full seal.
  • Worked on designing and prototyping the replaceable full seal gasket / foam.
  • Added a slot on the rear temples that will allow a secure attachment of the retention strap.
  • Re-shaped the temples for better fitment when using comms or ear protection.
  • Found ways to increase durability of the frames all while decreasing the overall thickness of the glasses.
  • Increased the lens opening to maximize field of view.
  • We have received our first large order of microfiber cloths.
  • We have received our first order of charging adapters and are currently testing to ensure no issues arise with the switching adapter.
  • We have finished the PCB!

New Product Announcement:

We have received our new portable charger that will allow for charging of your Air Raiders during use. This power bank will allow for an additional ~ 22 hours of battery life.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon as we quickly approach the manufacturing stage!

 below for images

Fully assembled PCB

Exploded view of PCB 




As the CAD design gets closer to being complete, we have been working with the electrical engineers on finishing up the circuit and PCB design. While doing this, we have discovered ways of drastically increasing the battery life and how to improve the functionality! Things are happening fast, and our design finalization process will be finished very soon. The next step will be to begin the manufacturing process. Our team is working hard every day to make sure we can provide you with the best product possible. If you have any questions about anything at all, please don't hesitate to reach out and we will try our best to answer. Thanks again for your support!




  • Finalizing the CAD design for manufacturing. 
  • Finalizing the circuit, PCB design, and layout. 
  • Getting updated material quotes from suppliers.

Good news! We are now able to add a memory function. This means that your Air Raiders will save the last power/mode state after the device is turned off. The next time you power on the device, it will default back to the mode you previously were using.

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